nutrition for kids

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Nutrition and It's Role in Child Development

nutrition for kids

Maxcure Suyosha Woman and Child Hospital is the unique children care centre in conducting parent empowerment workshops. On 5th November 2016, MaxCure Suyosha has conducted a parent empowerment workshop " Nutrition and It's Role in Child Development" presented by Monika, Pallavi Verma and Rashi Agrawal. The workshop was especially designed for the mothers with emphasis on

  • • Balanced diet
  • • Introduction of solids to babies staring from 6 months to till their adolosecence.
  • • How to prepare yourself while feeding your baby
  • • Sources of vital vitamins and nutrients which aid healthy growth in children.
  • • Do's and Don'ts while feeding children.
  • • Food allergies.
  • • Tips to provide a healthy diet for children while travelling.

nutrition for kids We are proud to announce that mothers were educated and trained during this workshop would be totally transformed and confident in handling the children while feeding. At Maxcure Suyosha Woman and Child Hospital, our team is determined and dedicated to take field of child healthcare to the highest level with the active participation of the parents and the caregivers.

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