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SUI is the sudden and uncontrollable urine loss while doing activities like sneezing, coughing and walking etc. It does not improve by itself. It needs to be treated. If not treated, could lead to skin, urinary problems and psychological issues. In SUI, the weakened muscles and connective tissues are not able to support the urethra in its normal position. TVT (Tension free Vaginal Tape) is an innovative system that is placed under urethra. It provides support when stress is applied and prevents involuntary loss of urine. It offers one time, lasting relief. It is a minimally invasive procedure and requires minimum hospital stay. It is very effective with 98% success rate.

Pelvic Surgeries

Pelvic surgeries like WARD MAYO vaginal hysterectomy, cystocoele repair rectocoele repair, vault prolapse repair and complete perinial tear repairs are done

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