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Contraceptive Counseling

           Contraception provides control over pregnancy timing and prevention of unintended pregnancy. Contraception is the most important advancement in women’s health. The availability of contraception has increased which is not only affordable, but also safe and effective. Depending on the needs, there are a wide variety of birth control methods. A contraceptive method is selected based on

  • The individuals weigh factors such as access
  • Prevention of sexually transmitted infections
  • Possible side effects
  • Convenience

Contraceptive counseling is an effective way of educating which forms of birth control methods are the best fits for each individual. A contraceptive counseling session allows the doctor and patient together to create a tailored care plan that meets the individual’s reproductive needs over a lifetime. An individual can benefit from contraceptive counseling which provides

  • Education about the needs of contraception
  • Dispels misinformation
  • Facilitates selection of the methods that are successful
  • Encourages involvement in the healthcare decisions

Contraception is an important part of women’s health throughout their reproductive years. It is very important to every woman to get awareness about the available and effective methods of other contraception along with other needed medications with the help of health providers through contraceptive counseling.

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