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When a female comes with a urine pregnancy as positive. She is guided with basic counseling on nutrition and hygiene. She will be cleared of all the doubts and will be educated about the physiological changes during pregnancy. The women will be asked to visit her care taker monthly once and as and when in an emergency.

Regular antenatal classes will be held in which the women will be educated about the DO’S and DONT’S during pregnancy. At the same time an interaction with the Pediatrition, Anaesthetist and the Physiotherapist is made regarding her journey through pregnancy to post delivery.

Apart from the regular basics there are few complications and their treatments which can be expected in few High risk Pregnancies which are being told in brief here.


If the hemorrhage is from the cervix, vagina and the broad ligament which are the lower parts of uterus, the internal iliac arteries ligation on both side controls bleeding.


Pair of vertical stitches like braces around the uterus apposing front and back walls of uterus creating compression to reduce the blood flow to uterus.


To prevent postpartum hemorrhage i.e excess bleeding through the genital tract compressing sutures are put on uterus to control the beelding.


To avoid major surgeries like hysterectomies this procedure is done. Femoral artery is punctured – step wise catheterization of internal iliac, uterine and ovarian arteries performed – with pledgets of polyurethane foam or polyvinyl alcohol particles which are reabsorbed usually in 10days.


It is the surgery done as the last resort when all medical and surgical interventions have failed in PPH. It is to be done as an emergency subtotal or total hysterectomy (uterus removal surgery).

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