Adolescence can be a challenging time for both children and parents. As adolescence is a transition between childhood and adulthood, children need specific health and developmental needs during this phase of life.

During adolescent years, the growth and development of the children can be greatly influenced. Creating awareness among children about the physical and emotional changes that happen during adolescence, helps them to deal with the problems through the stage of puberty.

To educate and help their students, the management of Global Edge School conducted health education workshops for the senior grades.

We are happy that our doctor, Dr.M. Rajini, Consultant Gynecologist & Obstetrician, have given an exceptional health talk for 9th & 10th standard students. The talk educated children on different topics which included:

  • Onset of adolescence
  • What changes one should expect and how to maintain personal hygiene during menstruation
  • Normal physical changes that happen during puberty
  • How to manage one’s emotional changes, attraction towards the opposite sex
  • Importance of personal hygiene

The health talk was successfully concluded with the Question-Answer session. The students actively participated and came up with their queries making it an interactive session. They were very happy when their queries were answered in the most understandable and friendly manner by Dr. M. Rajini.

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