Exceptional efforts by the Neonatology team led by Dr. Vinay Kulalarni at MaxCure Suyosha led to the survival of extreme preterm baby who was born at 25 weeks of gestation.

The baby was considered as borderline viability with the least birth weight of 650 gms. However, our Neonatology team has put extensive efforts to give the best possible care to the baby right from the birth till 75 days, not only to save the life of the baby but to ensure the baby have no long-term health issues. Now the baby weighs around 2kgs and is neurologically normal.

We are glad about the extraordinary efforts of our Neonatology team to make it possible in saving the life of an extreme preterm baby with a stable health condition.
Have a look at the joyful cheers of parents, treating doctors and NICU staff.

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