Menstrual hygiene is fundamental for the wellbeing of women and girls, though it is discussed less often. Lacking knowledge about menstruation, practices during menstruation and menstrual hygiene among adolescent girls can affect both their physical and mental health. Creating awareness and educating girls at the right age can make a huge difference in the betterment of their health and hygiene.

To educate and help young girls of Sri Siddhartha High School, our doctor, Dr.M. Rajini, Consultant Gynecologist & Obstetrician has given a health talk on “Menstrual Hygiene”.

During the health talk, Dr. M. Rajini has explained the young girls about all the important topics related to menstruation, like what is menstruation, what are the physical problems that bother most girls during their periods and how to deal with them and how to maintain personal hygiene during menstruation.

We are happy that Dr. M. Rajini helped all the adolescent girls of Sri Siddhartha High School in understanding the importance of maintaining menstrual hygiene with her presentation and active interaction to answer their queries.

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