Though menstruation is a natural process, it still remains a taboo. No wonder to know it is one of the topics rarely talked about. Many cultures have various beliefs, myths and taboos regarding menstruation.

Unhealthy practices during menstruation can affect feminine health and lead to many gynaecological disorders in future. So, girls should be educated about menstrual hygiene during their adolescence. This creates an awareness among girls about management of menstrual hygiene that helps them to stay healthy.

 To educate students, Inner Wheel clubs of Twin cities conducted a workshop – “Subala” at a primary Govt. school. This was a workshop to create awareness among young generation on self-defence, menstrual hygiene and cancer.

We are happy that our doctor, Dr.M. Rajini, Consultant Gynecologist & Obstetrician, was one among the chief guests. She gave an excellent health talk on “Menstrual Hygiene” which helped the students to understand the importance of it. The health talk concluded with an interactive session which made students come up with their queries which were clarified in easy and understandable manner. All the students in the workshop were very happy with the presence of Dr. M.Rajini.

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